Customer Questions


Have a question about your new FH1 Speaker System?  Below are some answers to common product questions.


How long will it take to get my FH1?

Check out the map below.  Typically we ship within 48 hours or less.

Can I connect more than one FH1 to a single audio source or stream?

Yes, if you have a device with Bluetooth version 5.0 you can connect two FH1 speaker systems to the same audio source for simultaneous playback.  There are also some accessory devices that allow the same function through your wi-fi network.

I turned on my FH1 and am not getting any audio prompts or sound.

The FH1 has an battery which lasts up to 8 hours.  If you only used it briefly but left the system on, the battery may need to be re-charged.  Follow the instructions in the user manual included with your system.

Does anything affect the battery life, like the temperature when used?

Temperature does not have an impact, but volume of playback does.  Playing the unit at full volume could result in shorter playback times between charging, but a medium or lower volume should result in a full 8 hours of playback.

I'd like to safely clean my FH1 system.  How should I do this?

The finish of your FH1 is similar to the paint of an automobile or boat.  We recommend cleaning with a soft cotton cloth lightly dampened with water.

Moisture may have entered my system from rain or a spill.

The FH1 can function if a small amount of moisture entered the system, but any larger amounts can damage the system and void the warranty.  Our best advice is to turn the system off and allow it to dry for 2-3 days before restarting it. After the system is off, attempt to drain any moisture out.

I have a return for my system.  How do I do this?

Contact Audio Icons at for next steps. 

Is the one year warranty transferable?

Yes, but the original purchase receipt or store email is required.


Have additional questions?  Drop us an email.